Experimental drying of the following vegetables was performed in the test dryer  ACM-2000: carrot, celery root, parsnip, parsley root, pea, onion, red onion, cauliflower, broccoli, green and yellow string bean, zucchini.

The drying was performed at a temperature of 57 – 60 °C, up to the vegetable moisture content of 10%, whereas the period of drying depended on the type of vegetable. The drying results provided a high evaluation of sensory characteristics of the product with respect to the fresh vegetables.

Soup and broth vegetable mixtures were prepared from the obtained samples of dried vegetables.  The mixture contains five, six types of vegetables and is very convenient for preparing soups or broths. It contains no preservatives and the advantage is that the larger pieces of  vegetables have the properties of fresh vegetable after rehydration.