Dried tomatoes in oil

Ingredients: Dried tomatoes, refined sunflower oil, olive oil, sea salt. Selected tomato varieties are used for this product. After harvesting, tomatoes have been treated and dried by using ACM-2000 technology at temperatures ensuring that the nutritional value of products is preserved to the greatest extent. Dried tomatoes are packed in a mixture of sunflower and olive oil and then pasteurized. Contains no additives or preservatives. Serving suggestion: Ready-to-eat food or addition to meals and salads.   Nutritional value for 100g of product Energy value: 1782 kJ/426 kcal Fat content: 23.26 g Total saturated…continue reading →

Vegetable drying process

Experimental drying of the following vegetables was performed in the test dryer  ACM-2000: carrot, celery root, parsnip, parsley root, pea, onion, red onion, cauliflower, broccoli, green and yellow string bean, zucchini. The drying was performed at a temperature of 57 – 60 °C, up to the vegetable moisture content of 10%, whereas the period of drying depended on the type of vegetable. The drying results provided a high evaluation of sensory characteristics of the product with respect to the fresh vegetables. Soup and broth vegetable mixtures were prepared from the obtained samples of…continue reading →

Is food drying healthy?

Without water no life form is possible, which means that by dehydration (by moisture extraction) the activity of microorganisms from food is completely and permanently stopped. One of the advantages provided by drying of fruits and vegetables in relation to other methods of conservation lies in the fact that in such a way dried food stuffs may be re-hydrated and used as fresh ones, without deterioration of their quality. Besides, during drying, natural flavour of food is improved and sugar content increased, by which in relation to fresh fruit its taste is intensified.…continue reading →