Indirect heating

For the operation of ACM-2000 dryer, as a source of heat energy is high temperature air-to-water heat pump in EVI technology. Hot water is then pumped through specially designed finned tube convective heaters. These heaters are of water-to-air heat exchangers type. Because the primal source of heat energy is hot water it is possible on demand to install any other thermogenerator instead of the heat pump, if it is more suitable to local conditions (wood pellet, biomass, etc.).


Drying process is controlled by a number of measuring and switching devices. Set temperature of drying air inside the dryer is achieved by ON/OFF operation of circulating and heat pumps. Frequency iverters are used to change air flow by decreasing/increasing the fan speed rotation. Hunidity of the drying air is maintained at required level by controlling the process of recuperation (heat recovery) or condensation.

Cost effectiveness

The dryer equipped with a heat pump, is most efficient dryer possible sice it uses renewable energy sources for its operation. These sorces are in principle free of charge. Because the sorce of energy is hot water ACM-2000 dryer can use any source of energy which is the most convenient for the user.