Technical characteristics of the drying plant ACM-2000
  Drying plant size (length x width x height) mm 7100x1900x2700
  Number of chambers and carrier kom 5
  Weight of the empty drying plant kg 1400
  Size of the tray (shelf) mm 800×1600
  Number of shelves by carriers and the total number of shelves kom 21(105)
  Quantity of the products per shelf (based on plum) kg 20
  Capacity of the drying plant based on plum kg 2100
  Maximum flow of one ventilator m3/h 8000
  Installed heating capacity kW 70
  Installed power capacity kW 28,4
  Maximum electrical consumption per 1 kg of prunes with pits (24h) kWh 1,36
  Losses of heat conduction through a sheath (24 h) kWh 21,4
  Maximum water temperature in the system 75
  Maximum air temperature in the drying plant 65
  Hook up cable Cu 5x16mm2
  Power supply 3×380 V,50Hz, AC
  Main fuses A 63
  COP of heat pump air to water (A20/W65) 3,10
  COP drying plants 2,95
  Max. moisture extraction rate – MER kg/h 200
  SMER specific moisture extracted ratio in respect to input energy kg/kWh 2,93