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About us

The Company ACM-INT d.o.o. was founded in Belgrade in 2004 within ACM group. Its major activity is the production of universal recuperation drying plants for fruits and vegetables on a large industrial scale. During the first half of 2015, a prototype of innovative drying plant for fruits and vegetables was successfully designed. We offer to domestic and foreign markets energy efficient, universal, cost-effective systems for …More

Drying plant ACM-2000

Drying plant for fruits and vegetables ACM-2000 is based on innovative solutions along with complete control of all drying parameters (temperature, humidity and air circulation rate). The unit meets all requirements of top drying technology in terms of structure, solutions and materials applied and fullfills all requirements of HACPP and ISO standards …More


Drying technology

Basic characteristics and advantages of the drying plant for fruits and vegetables ACM-2000 are: Universality. By adapting drying parameters – temperature, humidity and air circulation rate all technological conditions may be provided that are in compliance with the required parameters of drying kinetics of many kinds of fruits, vegetables, forest fruits and medicinal plants, …More