Ingredients: Dried tomatoes, refined sunflower oil, olive oil, sea salt.

Selected tomato varieties are used for this product.

After harvesting, tomatoes have been treated and dried by using ACM-2000 technology at temperatures ensuring that the nutritional value of products is preserved to the greatest extent. Dried tomatoes are packed in a mixture of sunflower and olive oil and then pasteurized.

Contains no additives or preservatives.

Serving suggestion:

Ready-to-eat food or addition to meals and salads.


Nutritional value for 100g of product
Energy value: 1782 kJ/426 kcal
Fat content: 23.26 g
Total saturated fatty acids: 1.09 g
Carbohydrate content: 44.21 g
Total sugar content: 12.20 g
Protein content: 10.02 g
NaCl content: 1.42 g