Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) is an aggregate fruit, growing as a perennial bush, giving small red sweet fruit. The raspberry fruit is an antioxidant with anticarcinogenic effect, containing also numerous therapeutic ingredients (proteins, fibers, vitamins C, E and B, etheric oils, organic acids namely, ellagic acid, folic acid, etc.)

Raspberries are used for the production of jams, preserves, juices, syrups. The raspberry fruit is consumed fresh but can also be consumed frozen throughout the year. According to the opinion of the laboratory of the Faculty of Technology Novi Sad, drying raspberries in an ACM – 2000 dryer gives excellent results. Raspberries variety Polana were dried at a temperature of 60 °C for a period of 24 hours and this low temperature mode allowed the preservation of sensory properties of fresh raspberry fruit, which was confirmed by a high sensory valuation at the Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad.

The moisture content of the dried raspberry is 10 %. The measured value of the dried raspberry is 0.5 which is a good parameter for sustainability of the product. The yield of the dried raspberry is 7, meaning that 1 kg of dried raspberry equals 7 kg of fresh raspberry.