Blueberry drying process

In the drying facility ACM-2000 blueberry that originated from Srbijasort Bluecorp was dried. The drying process lasted 52 hours at low temperatures ranging from 50° to 55°C up to the average moisture content of 16% in dried blueberry. Sensory characteristics of dried blueberries in terms of color, consistency and aroma have been highly evaluated by the consumers. Drying at low temperatures allows pigments, vitamins and other minerals to be preserved which are very useful for human health preservation. In this way, dried blueberry does not contain any additives such as preservatives and sugars. Due to its consistency, dried blueberry is suitable for direct consumption and it is an excellent extra ingredient to healthy meals such as oat meals and various types of muesli. The amount of 100g of dried blueberry is equivalent to the amount of 600g of fresh blueberries.